GENEL MAKINA quality commitment is not limited only to its products and services. Company's quality commitment is expansive, and includes the assurance of a safe and modern working environment for all its employees. Further, the group values its contribution to the communities in which it operates and does all it can to minimizes the environmental effect of its activities.

GENEL MAKINA quality policy includes the following elements. Accordingly, GENEL MAKINA ;

• Creates opportunities for employees to develop themselves and assume new responsibilities. Has a wide technical staff with sound basic knowledge are open to learn and believe in the virtue of hard work and are supervised by senior staff who provide competent, experienced, honest and friendly management. Procures a management approach which ensures that employees love their corporation, develop their creative powers and keep their enthusiasm a priority.

• Management staff is comprised of people who adopt the mission and vision of the company, work willingly and devotedly to fulfill target goals, have young, dynamic and free ways of thinking, comprehend modern business principles and believe in the power of sharing and team work.

• Regularly secures the product by fulfilling the demands of customers and adheres to the legislation in place while performing the work it assumes.

• Guarantees to its customers that the company always produces the same quality products which fulfill the terms of the customer and legal legislation while increasing customer satisfaction by applying the system effectively.

• Continuously reviews the quality policy in order to ensure compliance with the objectives of the companies.

• Continuously reviews and develops its targets in line with company policy.

• Performs all endeavors with the same quality and state-of-art technology; strives to continuously be more successful.